Join us for our inspirational interviews with people who are passionate about mental health, social justice, and creativity! During the month of June for PRIDE we decided to celebrate by interviewing Antonio Castellanos, the creator of Joteria, a Latinx, LGBTQ twist on the classic Mexican game of Loteria. Join us as we talk to him about his inspiration for the game and his description of the cards. 

Through the Eyes of a Therapist is a podcast created by Cristal Martinez, LPC. In her podcast, she discusses various mental health topics. She recently interviewed PsychoSocial's Founder, Luis Cornejo about his experience as an MFT. In the interview, Luis shares about his preparation as an undergrad, his experience in his master's program at California State Universtiy, Long Beach, his practicum, and his path to licensure as a Marriage & Family Therapist. The episode is "Becoming a Therapist-How Marriage & Family Therapist are Made!" (Part 1).

You can learn more about Cristal's work at